In 1975, Tuscan “farm” grappa made its first appearance in the Nannoni distillery; as was the case already for oil-mills and oil, each producer received, with the appropriate certification, the grappa distilled only with his own fresh pomace. As our distillery is but a short distance from the famous Montalcino, we can proudy lay claim to the birthright of the very first selectively distilled Grappa di Brunello.

These important innovations have since encouraged winemakers to carefully select only the best pomace, allowing us to produce unique distillates of absolute excellence , obtaining success for their product and establishing worldwide renown for the Nannoni distillery. Today, our grappa carries important names such as Ornellaia, Altesino, Avignonesi and many more, and can be found on the selve of the most famous premises and wine bars, from Japan to the USA, from Hawaii to Korea.

Our clients are the most famous and reputable compagnie, representing throughout the world the excellence of distilled “Made in Italy” products. To be able to select the very best pomace has allowed us to introduce three direct brand lines of “Nannoni Grappe”, aimed at an élite market , given the quality of the product and the extremely limited availability of certain kinds of pomace.
Master Distiller, Priscilla Occhipinti, has for fourteen years now been personally responsibile for distillation , and can proudly claim not to have acquired one single litre of distillate from other producers. She personally performs , for each distillation, the separation of the heads and tails of distillation and nevers adds other aromas to her grappa.

“In my grappa one must feel and smell the scents and emotions of our wine harvest and experience a sense of sharing in the passion and dedication I put into my work - to reach excellence”.


Grappa di Brunello.
Category: young grappa
Colour: crystal clear.
Alcohol: 40% Vol.

Distillation : steam process using small boilers and low degree discontinuous system; artisanal method with manual separation, performed by Master Distiller Priscilla Occhipinti, of heads and tails (beginning and end products of distillation) at each run.

The fresh embracing fragrance of the wine harvest, harmonious strains of an ancient romantic melody echoing through the gentle hills which, as the Poet claims, ”lend peace to the soul”, inspiring emotions which invite us to embrace the sensations gently stirred by the beautiful and reassuring landscape which leads down from Montalcino towards the sea. Aromas, harmony and emotions are there to be discovered, intact and potent, in this clean, soft and highly complex grappa, whose unique qualities are heightened by the accuracy of its immediate distillation, a respectful and meditated process, a careful and successful synthesis of the virtuous and masterful knowledge which unites the art expressed in the grapevine, in the wine cellar and in the distillery, with the care and dedication of all those who have contributed to this excellence. And, in this case, it is ultimately more gratifying to be inexpert in order to enjoy to the full the harmony which this grappa generously offers; soft, well-balanced, easy to comprehend and appreciate in all its splendid complexity.

Grappa di Brunello Riserva Oro dei carati ®
Category: “Meditative” Grappa, reserve.
Colour: warm gold tinged with mahogany.
Nose: intense and elegant, with hints of vanilla, spices and dried fruit.
Palate: well-balanced and rounded, confirms on the palate the sensations to the nose.
Finish : Pleasantly lingers with delightful hints of almond.
Ageing: 5 years in Limousin casks.
Alcohol : 40% Vol.

Grappa, the veritable queen of distillates; why limit its functions to simply that of an “after-dinner drink” or “digestive” spirit? Increasingly now this wine aquavite is a welcome companion on many occasions, among friends and, occasionally, knowledgeable experts who raptly illustrate and debate its qualities. Where the young grappa, vivid and irrepressible, is immediate and direct, some older grappas have such a profound complexity that they cannot be fully appreciated without careful consideration and reflection. Why not then give them their due, their recognition as pleasant and welcome convivial companions, electing them as protagonists worthy of attention and concentration, and allow ourselves consequently to experience the infinite sensations they offer?........ each sip will bloom into an evolution of flavour, gently leading us back and forth between delightfully surprising and ever-changing aromas and moments of profound introspection.

Wine Aquavite di Brunello Riserva da Sigaro Toscano ®
Category: “Meditative” aquavite , reserve.
Colour: gold with tinges of mahogany.
Alcohol: 40% Vol.

Distillation: steam process using small boilers and low degree discontinuous system; artisanal method with manual separation, performed by Master Distiller Priscilla Occhipinti, of heads and tails (beginning and end products of distillation) at each run. Ageing: in oak and balsamic wood barrels of various provenance. Distillate of fresh Sangiovese, locally named Brunello, aged for five years in wooden barrels; beautiful amber colour with hints of copper and a kaleidoscope of aromas, as complex as it is surprising. As lovers of the Tuscan cigar , “Il Toscano”, explain, the enjoyment of this special Tuscan cigar is an evolution of flavour which offers a continuous renewal of sensations which gradually change as the cigar burns down. Similarly we wished to create a comparable distillate to readily accompany this cigar, with aromas and well-defined flavours, which would not be overwhelmed, but, rather, in a genteel and respectful manner, would, little by little, become the perfect companion to the very pleasures released by the “Toscano” cigar; full and harmonious to the palate, almost sensual and, at the same time, feminine. This grappa, for “meditation”, tossed as a challenging gauntlet to the distillery by a dear friend and passionate “Toscano” cigar lover, has kept us interested and occupied for years, in the search for the proper balance. Our aim was to establish the perfect rapport between these two pleasures; two flavours which could respectfully complement each other, enhancing each other’s qualities with reciprocal appreciation. I believe that the combination of the cigar with clear grappa, recommended by some, is inappropriate and prevents the distillate from being savoured and appreciated in all its myriad of flavours, mainly on account of the presence of tobacco in the mouth. This can be experienced when we alternate a cigar with a young grappa: the palate experiences sensorial clashes and which can be unpleasant both in intensity and flavour, leading to an almost complete absence of balance between the two. For this aquavite, however, we have relied on the culture and experience of all those who, for centuries, have enjoyed cigars with a high quality distillate. The perfect blend between the Cuban cigar and Cuban Rhum is indisputable. In this regard, I benefited greatly from a trip to visit some of the most famous Caribbean companies who, for centuries, have transformed a simple cane sugar aquavite into a highly complex distillate, with the aid of selected and roasted woods. To accompany the Tuscan cigar we could choose only the a grappa with real quality and character such as the Grappa di Brunello, which, for this purpose, undergoes a special ageing process , the true secret of this production. The final result has been a product as inimitable as the Tuscan cigar itself; it is a endless pleasure for me to appreciate how much this grappa is valued by those who love truly good and unique products.

Brandy Nannoni *
Category: Wine aquavite - aged.
Alcohol: 42% Vol.
Colour: rich gold, amber.

Nose: surprising complexity, releasing hints of dried fruit, vanilla, jam, sandalwood and honey. Palate : soft but never sweet, with the classic composure of well-aged distillates. Finish: of great length, leaves the palate with a perfect balance and invites further and more careful consideration. Ageing: result of the union of several batches of Brandy with minimum ageing of three years up to a maximum of sixteen years in 500 and 2.000 in barrels. With our brandy produced for a winemaking company in Chianti we are proud to have been awarded the gold medal at Bordeaux.

*the photograph of this product is currently unavailable.

Alcohol : 42%
Bottle contents: 500 ml
Also available in assorted boxes and with metal case (standard model).

Grappa di Brunello di Montalcino.
This crystal clear grappa has an immediate and clean flavour, with an intense aroma which instantly evokes the fragrance of fresh grape marc. Its qualities to the nose are confirmed on the palate; smooth but not sweet. A simple taste of this grappa is a gleam of inspiration bringing the scents and flavours of Siena’s gentle hills.

Grappa di Aleatico : mono-varietal
A true expression of the sun-kissed and fragrant Mediterranean; our peaceful land is embodied in each sip of this grappa and its incomparable aroma of plum, dried grape and rose.

Grappa di Moscato : mono-varietal
Instantly appealing and vivacious, while concealing a delicate and mellow essence; the compelling character of this grappa confidently shines through, displaying its uniquely smooth and mellifluous traits and joyous freshness.

Grappa di Vinsanto
Smooth and mellow, this grappa harbours the sweetness and aromas of our grapes lain out on trellises to dry. The modest amount of raw material available and low alcoholic yield ( only one third of the normal marc we distil) make this an extremely precious and rare grappa.

Grappa di Vinsanto barrique
Aged in the wooden casks which have housed vinsanto, the complexity of this special marc aquavite is heightened , conserving its own special aromas, holding the fragrance of the grape marc left to dry, enriching the bouquet with delicate hints of vanilla, almond and spices.

Grappa Gran Riserva
This delightfully golden grappa with hints of amber can be included in the list of truly “meditative” grappas; stored for at least three years in barrique, it is highly complex, rich and infinitely fascinating. Soft, smooth and enveloping, it is an unrivalled companion to moments of deep introspection, lending an atmosphere of harmony and serenity.


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